Chinese studies

Chinese has been taught at Inalco since 1840. The Department of Chinese Studies, which brings together linguists and specialists in the humanities and social sciences, offers a range of courses and seminars unrivalled in Europe. The Bachelor's program is designed for students who already have a linguistic background equivalent to the LV2 level of the baccalaureate, although an introductory year is available for absolute beginners or students who do not have this level. Inalco's Chinese Studies Department, with around a thousand students at all levels, is one of the most important sinological sites in the world.
Monts Huang, province d'Anhui en Chine
Monts Huang, province d'Anhui en Chine © nataliehora /‎

The language taught


The courses on offer

  • Licence de Langue Littérature et Civilisation Etrangères (LLCER - Parcours Asie et Pacifique) de chinois
    Attention : Enrolling in the first year of the Chinese bachelor's degree requires a solid foundation in the language and is not for absolute beginners, or even false beginners. If you've never studied Chinese before, take a look at the "Initiation diplomas" page. You can test your level yourself with the online placement test. You can refer to the Method of Chinese, first level (l'Asiathèque), the course material for the introductory year, to assess more accurately the language skills required at the start of L1.
    This test is not, however, necessary for baccalaureate holders from general streams who have taken Chinese LV1 or LV2 and obtained a mark equal to or above 14 in the baccalauréat.
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  • Master of Foreign Language, Literature and Civilization (LLCER) in Chinese
  • Master Métiers de l'Enseignement, de l'Éducation et de la Formation (MEEF), co-supervised with Université Paris Cité), mention "Second degré", course "chinois".
  • Other master's degrees offered at Inalco enable students to pursue a master's degree with Chinese as the oriental language, and for some of them, to choose certain seminars offered by the Chinese studies master's degree.
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Establishment diplomas
  • Initiation Diploma
  • Diplomas in Chinese Language and Civilization (DLC) levels I, II and III
  • Diplomas in Chinese Language (DL) levels I, II and III
  • Diplomas in Chinese Civilization (DC) levels I, II and III
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Préparation à l'agrégation de chinois

120-hour preparation for the competitive exam; also accessible to all Chinese speakers and teachers wishing to develop their skills and knowledge throughout their professional life.
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