Inalco in France and around the world

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An international institute

With over 100 languages and cultures taught, students and teachers of more than 120 nationalities, and research projects in more than a hundred countries, Inalco has been a resolutely international institute for more than two centuries. Inalco is developing numerous cooperative ventures with foreign universities, both by maintaining and enriching a worldwide network of contacts, and by institutionalizing its relationships with its partners. Thanks to more than 200 partnership agreements, Inalco conducts research projects in over a hundred countries and offers joint training courses with foreign universities.
Students at Inalco, and those of our international partners, can enjoy an immersion experience that complements their studies.

Fondation Inalco-Langues O'

Inalco has set up a Foundation to promote the values of excellence, humanism and the dissemination of cultures that the institute has upheld for several centuries, and to finance tomorrow's training and research. Training, research, contribution to knowledge and skills on a globalized planet, the Foundation's action is built around various axes and projects:

- Creating training and research chairs on innovative themes
- Supporting excellence and encouraging student mobility (international mobility grants)
- Enabling refugee students to integrate a degree course (Inalc'ER)
- Renovate the historic building (Maison de la recherche)
- Develop language teaching at Inalco and at a distance

Inalco Alumni

Inalco Alumni is the network of Inalco students and alumni, designed to create a dynamic community to foster professional integration, solidarity and mutual support among its members. The platform provides access to a directory of alumni, a career space and groups for exchanging information about your specialization. The network regularly organizes events designed to highlight alumni career paths and encourage meetings between alumni and students (conferences, afterwork, mentoring program, etc.).

Inalco, a meeting place for world cultures

As a benchmark institute for training and research in today's languages and civilizations, Inalco also offers a high-quality cultural and scientific program.

The life of the establishment is punctuated by more than 400 cultural and scientific events a year, showcasing the languages and civilizations taught at Inalco. The richness of this program offers a unique window on the world in all its diversity and complexity. It helps make Inalco a meeting place for the world's cultures and a showcase for cultural diversity.

Inalco in figures


- 8,000 students (initial training)
- 120 foreign nationalities
- 2,000 students of foreign origin
- 68.1% women, 31.9% men.
- Average age of students: 29 years


- 235 tenured teaching staff
- 128 contract teaching staff
- 101 tenured administrative and technical staff
- 64 contract administrative and technical staff

Research and scientific events

- 14 research teams, including 5 in association with CNRS
- A doctoral school with 308 PhD students
- Over 100 international scientific events per year


- Over 250 cultural events per year
- Partner of 4 festivals
- 15 student cultural associations
- 1 alumni association

Inalco is made up of:

- 12 departments: Africa and the Indian Ocean, South Asia and the Himalayas, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Arabic studies, Chinese studies, Korean studies, Hebraic and Jewish studies, Japanese studies, Russian studies, Eurasia, Europe , Languages and cultures of the Americas
- 5 professional streams: International Trade, International Relations, Intercultural Communication and Training, Language Didactics, Texts Computer Multilingualism