Interculturality and multilingualism

Since November 2023, Inalco has been coordinating EUniWell's thematic focus on culture and multilingualism in relation to well-being.
Un groupe de personnes portent dans leurs mains des bulles de paroles de couleurs et formes différentes
Diverse people with speech bubbles © Freepik‎

With the 10 other member universities, we encourage and develop training, research and citizen and student mobilization initiatives.The aim of these projects is to promote multilingualism and interculturality as vectors of mutual understanding and individual and societal well-being.

To name but a few projects, there are plans to set up a European Institute for Lesser-Used Languages, develop a European doctoral program in areal studies, and set up a multilingualism observatory to promote comparative studies on contemporary social, political and strategic issues.

EUniWell will thus be able to develop an approach to areal and global studies that is future-proof and rooted in research on sources in Eastern languages.

These developments will also support initiatives within the Institute to preserve areal expertise in a context where researchers' access to their fields of investigation is increasingly limited or hindered.