The timetables displayed are subject to change until the start of the academic year.

You can find your timetables by consulting the link below.

Beware! Be sure to click on the last box: "Course schedule".

How to use the course timetable

Use "enter name" and select a language, diploma and level.
For example: Japanese L2, Hungarian L1, Malagasy L1, Maghreb Arabic L2, etc.

To view your chosen timetable, click on "Custom" at the top left of the calendar and select "Semester 1" or "Semester 2".

If the room number or teacher's name is not displayed, simply click on the box and all the content will be displayed on a new small window.

  • On the schedule, when several courses are taking place simultaneously, click on the numbers 1, 2 or 3 to the left of the box to display the different courses on offer
  • The Cross-disciplinary courses for L2 and L3 are found at Parcours... (+ choice of course).

Civilization courses covering a geographical area and common to several languages within the same department are found by the name of the region or department, e.g. "South Asia -- civilization L1", "Eurasia -- civilization L2", Africa -- civilization L1", etc.