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Julie Duvigneau - CERMOM
Nicolas Elias - CERMOM

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Scientific Committee

Each book project received by the scientific management is presented to the committee, which checks that it is in line with the Presses' editorial policy and decides whether to put it up for review. Where appropriate, the manuscript is taken in hand by a collection director based on both the discipline and cultural area concerned. This referee submits the manuscript to two evaluators, at least one of whom is from outside Inalco. Once the assessments have been made, the committee decides what action to take on the submission. If the project is accepted subject to modifications, the referee ensures that the author has taken the requested changes into account.

Inalco members

Mélanie Bourlet - LLACAN - coll. Afrique(s)
Catherine Capdeville-Zeng - IFRAE - coll. TransAire(s)
Nathalie Carré - PLIDAM - coll. Afrique(s)
Matteo De Chiara - CERMI - coll. Asie(s)
Marie Chosson - CESSMA - coll. Amérique(s)
Sébastien Colin - IFRAE - coll. Asie(s)
Bruno Drweski - CREE - coll. Europe(s)
Catherine Géry - CREE - coll. Europe(s)
Jean-Charles Hilaire - coll. TransAire(s)
Sarah Mohamed-Gaillard - CESSMA - coll. Océanie(s)
Catherine Servant - CREE - coll. Europe(s)
Assen Slim - CREE - coll. TransAire(s)
Vanessa Van Renterghem - CERMOM - coll. Méditerranée(s)
Anne Viguier - CESSMA - coll. TransAire(s)

External members

Daniel Baric - Paris Sorbonne - coll. Europe(s)
Élodie Blestel - Sorbonne nouvelle - coll. Amérique(s)
Fabienne Duteil-Ogata - Bordeaux Montaigne - coll. Asie(s)
Paulette Roulon-Doko - CNRS - coll. Afrique(s)
Emmanuel Szurek - EHESS - coll. Méditerranée(s)
Sébastien Galliot - CNRS - coll. Oceanie(s)


Mélanie Bourlet
Nathalie Carré
Paulette Roulon-Doko

Élodie Blestel
Marie Chosson

Sébastien Colin
Matteo De Chiara
Julie Duvigneau
Fabienne Duteil-Ogata

Bruno Drweski
Catherine Géry
Catherine Servant

Nicolas Elias
Emmanuel Szurek
Vanessa Van Renterghem

Sébastien Galliot
Sarah Mohamed-Gaillard

Catherine Capdeville-Zeng
Jean Charles Hilaire
Assen Slim
Anne Viguier