Travel assistance

Do you dream of visiting the country or region whose language you're studying? Discover the travel assistance scheme, set up by the Student Life and Success Department and financed by the CVEC, to cover part of the cost of your trip!
visuel aide au voyage 23-24
Aide au voyage 23-24 © Inalco‎

When to go?

You can immerse yourself for a summer in a country whose language you're studying with travel assistance. In fact, Inalco distributes part of the funds allocated to the FSDIE (Fonds de solidarité et de développement des initiatives étudiantes), in the form of financial aid. Intended to cover the cost of transport to the destination country, this aid enables you to take a linguistic and cultural trip during your summer university vacation, for a minimum duration of 14 days.

Please note, it is imperative that you return no later than the day before the university pre-start week, or no later than August 31 of the current year, in the event that the trip comes at the end of your studies at Inalco.

For whom?

This offer is aimed at students enrolled in the Introductory Diploma, Intensive Diploma, DLC1, DLC2, DLC3 (face-to-face), Licences L1, L1+, Tempo, L2, L3 or M1 at Inalco. To apply, you must have already completed one year of studies at Inalco.

This assistance enables you to travel to a country whose language or culture you are learning. First-time travel to these countries is encouraged. No minimum language level is required. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to get in touch with your teachers to find out which trip is best suited to your studies. The various departments will be consulted for the selection of applications.

It is not necessary to be a scholarship holder on social criteria to benefit from travel assistance. However, scholarship holders receive an additional 10%.

Watch out!

This aid is not an ERASMUS+ or international mobility aid. It cannot be combined with ERASMUS+ or international mobility aid. If you are planning to go to a partner university for a semester or a year of study, you should contact the International Mobility Office and the ERASMUS+ team, as travel assistance cannot be granted.

Travel assistance does not fund family stays either.

Presentation and application procedures Aide au voyage 2023-2024

Présentation et modalités d'inscription - Aide au voyage 2023-2024 (7.89 MB, .pdf)

How to apply?

You'll need to complete a digital application form from 4/12/23 and upload supporting documents:
No handwritten applications will be accepted.

  • Step 1: complete the travel assistance application form on computer by clicking here. Don't hesitate to ask the advice of an academic referent.

  • Step 2: submit the application and supporting documents on the dedicated website (opening in December 2023) before February 11, 2024 11:59pm.

  • Step 3: wait until early April to receive an email telling you whether or not your application has been accepted.

  • Step 4: if your application is eligible, you will have to confirm by email before April 15, 2024 whether you accept the assistance

  • Step 5: if you have any questions about organizing your trip, you can make an appointment with the REVE service.

In the document below, you'll find the information you'll be asked to provide in the questionnaire to be completed online only.

[SPECIMEN] Prévisualisation du formulaire d'inscription - Aide au voyage 2023/2024 (3.4 MB, .pdf)

Come and find out more!

An information meeting will be held onTuesday November 28 at 5:30 pm in Amphi 4 to provide you with all the details you will need (terms, amount, selection criteria, timetable...).
In the PDF below, you will also find a wealth of information on travel assistance:

Student testimonials

Find out about some of the travel diaries of students who have already left thanks to travel assistance.
Students whom we would like to thank very much for sharing their experience with us.

Voyage en Polynésie Française (922.08 KB, .pdf)

Voyage en Polynésie Française

Voyage en Roumanie (1.25 MB, .pdf)

Voyage en Roumanie

Voyage en Corée du Sud (745.68 KB, .pdf)

Voyage en Corée du Sud

Voyage en Grèce (912.37 KB, .pdf)

Voyage en Grèce

Other aids

Would you like to go on an Erasmus+ mobility or make a travel outside Europe as part of your studies at INALCO during your academic year? Find out more from the International Relations Department at

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