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At the Board of Directors meeting on March 10, 2023, Inalco' President presented the vice-presidencies with immediate effect.
Jean-François Huchet
Jean-François Huchet © Sarah Witt‎
  • President of Inalco: Jean-François Huchet
  • Vice-president (in charge of the board of directors, organization and resources): Delphine Allès
  • Vice-president, scientific/research council: Rima Sleiman
    • Deputy vice-president of research, responsible for open science, digital humanities, science and society: Assen Slim
  • Vice-president of training: Isabelle Konuma
    • Director, masters: Alexandre Toumarkine
    • Director, bachelor's degrees: Valérie Lavoix
  • Vice-president in charge of European and international affairs: Gilles Forlot
    • Deputy vice-president in charge of European affairs: Ilil Yatziv Malibert
  • Vice-president in charge of development and environmental responsibility: Julien Vercueil
  • Vice-president in charge of student success and life: Laurent Maheux
  • Vice-president delegated to digital: Yayoi Nakamura-Delloye

Chief of staff and general management

  • Julia Cornalba: Chief of staff to the president
  • Valérie Liger-Belair: General manager of services
  • Béatrice Argant: Deputy director general of services and director of human resources

Chargés de mission

  • Areal studies and European cooperation: Michael Lucken
  • Small languages and rare disciplines: Hélène de Penanros
  • History of Inalco: Emmanuel Lozerand
  • Open science: Sarah Cadorel
  • Digital foresight (areal studies and data science): Peter Stockinger


  • Gender equality, sexual and gender-based violence: Elisa Carandina
  • Racism and anti-Semitism: Laurent Coumel
  • Laicism: Alexandre Toumarkine
  • DU Passerelle: Sophie Hohmann
  • Scientific integrity: Étienne Boisserie
  • Deontology and whistleblowers: Valérie Liger-Belair
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