Inalco Alumni Network

In 2016, Inalco and the association of former students and friends of Langues O' launched their professional network: the Inalco Alumni network. It enables everyone to facilitate meetings, boost their professional trajectory, debate with experts from the world of civilizations and languages, progress in their discipline and update their knowledge.

With over 80,000 graduates worldwide, Inalco's illustrious alumni include linguists, diplomats, CEOs of major companies, members of parliament, and more. Inalco alumni are active internationally in a variety of sectors: languages, communication, international trade, international relations, teaching and research, luxury goods, tourism, culture.

The alumni network in a few figures

Why register?

Being part of the Inalco Alumni network means being able to communicate worldwide with former students, keep up to date with news, exchange experiences, access career opportunities by applying for internships, job offers, V.I.E. The platform gives access to the alumni directory, the CVthèque, a career space and contribute to groups to exchange around your specialization.

Integrating this community means joining a professional network from a unique institute, rich for its diversity in language and civilization courses (over a hundred) and for the plurality of disciplines covered: history, anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, economics, linguistics and literature.

The network regularly organizes events designed to highlight alumni career paths and encourage meetings between alumni and students (conferences, afterwork, mentoring program, etc.). Inalco Alumni enables everyone to facilitate encounters, boost their career trajectory, exchange ideas and meet specialists from a variety of geographical and cultural areas.

The platform is open to alumni and students, Inalco staff and faculty, but also to companies and recruiters. Registration is free.

Spreading the word about Langues O'

Alumni contribute to Inalco's reputation in France and around the world. They support and take part in events that address various themes and issues (anthropology, history, economics, geography...). Conferences organized by Inalco and the Inalco Foundation in which alumni regularly speak and which they can attend are enriching for graduates from both a personal and professional point of view. Numerous editorial contents, proposed by Inalco researchers, are also addressed to alumni.

Inalco is a unique place in the world whose areal expertise enables us to better understand today's world in its entirety. Respect for diversity and sharing are part of a long tradition of openness to the world. These values bind us together and create our common identity, that of our network.

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