The scientific integrity referent

The Scientific Integrity Referent at Inalco is Professor Etienne BOISSERIE. He was appointed by the President, in February 2023.

At the request of the President of Inalco, he is responsible for:

  • Participate in defining policies for compliance with scientific integrity requirements;
  • Coordinate awareness-raising and training initiatives, and organize mechanisms for preventing and detecting breaches of scientific integrity requirements ;
  • Instruct admissible questions and reports relating to such breaches referred to him/her, including through hearings and investigations, where appropriate in conjunction with the scientific integrity referents of the other establishments or foundations concerned;
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of the procedure for handling reports. The referent ensures that the adversarial principle is respected and that this procedure is transparent to the persons implicated and to the persons who made the report;
  • Transmit as soon as possible to the competent body of the establishment or foundation a report designed to enable it to decide on the action to be taken for each report investigated;
  • Ensure that data and publications affected by the breach of scientific integrity requirements are reported to the parties concerned;
  • Notify the president of the establishment of internal systems or practices that do not offer sufficient guarantees in terms of scientific integrity.

All approaches by the "scientific integrity" referent are made in an adversarial framework, respecting the principles of confidentiality and the presumption of good faith on the part of individuals.

He may be contacted by the entire university community on any matter relating to scientific integrity.

Requests are made in writing, by contacting him directly or can be made directly to the Presidency, which forwards them to the referent. An anonymous request is not admissible.

Requests will be treated as strictly confidential.

Contact the scientific integrity referent.

Reference texts

The prevention of plagiarism

Inalco's management has acted on the deployment of plagiarism detection software COMPILATIO for all teacher-researchers. Using this tool, it will be possible to quickly identify "copied-pasted" passages in every document submitted by students and their likely sources on the web.

Are you a student at Inalco? Here's what you need to know about plagiarism:Plagiarism? Not for me!

The Guide pour le recueil et le traitement des signalements relatifs à l'intégrité scientifique

The national network of scientific integrity referents (RESINT) has published its "Guide-pour-le-recueil-et-le-traitement-des-signalements-relatifs à L'intégrité scientifique ". The Ofis, which accompanies and supports the scientific community in promoting best practices in scientific integrity, is today relaying the release of this guide.

Developed by RESINT's "Procedures" working group, this guide has 2 objectives:

  • help each referent to implement, in his or her establishment or organization, a procedure for responding to reports of breaches of scientific integrity in line with good practice in this field;
  • facilitate cooperation between referents.

The guide thus offers a series of recommendations, in line with the main official sources, designed to help each establishment or organization establish procedures tailored to its needs. It will evolve in line with feedback shared by RESINT members.