School diplomas

Our introductory diplomas, language and civilization diplomas, magistère and other Inalco diplomas are recognized and accredited. For the most part, they focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to a language and its civilization, or on in-depth knowledge of a region with a multidisciplinary approach. They constitute a course of study, with each year leading to a diploma.

Livret Diplômes d'établissement 2023-24 (1.78 MB, .pdf)

Our school diploma courses

  • Diplôme d'initiation (DIN)
    (Since 2021-2022 also DIN Arabic distance)
  • Diplôme intensif
  • Diplôme de langue (DL)
    (Since 2021-2022 also DL Modern Hebrew distance, DL4 amharic)

  • Diploma in language and civilization (DLC)
    (Since 2021-2022 also DLC Words, objects and cultures of Oceania, DLC kurmandji, DLC sorani)
  • Diplôme de civilisation (DC)
    (Since 2021-2022 also DC islamologie 1 et 2 en formation à distance)
    Other DCs: South Asia and Himalayas; China; Oceania; Median Europe (6 degree courses)
  • Professional Diploma in International Trade and Oriental Language (DP CILO)


To register for one of these courses, click here and consult the tab corresponding to the desired diploma.
Please note, administrative registrations open at the beginning of July.