LLCER bachelor's degrees with special paths to success

Inalco offers two Parcours PLUS = student success support programs, in the form of tailored licenses, for first-year undergraduates.
Licence LLCER parcours L1+ and Licence LLCER parcours Tempo

The L1+ and Tempo pathways, offer individual support focused on studies, career plans and orientation towards L2, introductory courses in the language of study or reinforcement (depending on the pathway and student profile) as well as training modules designed to promote student success.

The L1+ pathway in the first year of the bachelor's degree includes an additional teaching unit (UE4) to the so-called "classic" bachelor's degree. This compulsory UE4 must be validated to move on to L2.

In the Tempo pathway the first year of the license is spread over 2 years (Tempo L1.1 and Tempo L1.2) instead of a single year. Students must also pass UE4, which is common to both student success programs.

The different L1 pathways
The "classic" Lic. LLCER pathwayAdapted success pathways

The L1+ pathway

(Lic. LLCER L1+)

The Tempo pathway

(Lic. LLCER Tempo)

100% of L1 courses

. LLCER Tempo)


L1 in 1 year

100% of L1 courses

(60 ects)

UE1 - UE2 and UE3

L1 in 1 year

100% of L1 courses (60ects)

UE1 - UE2 and UE3


UE4 compulsory

60h to 80h per semester of reinforcement, tutoring and support (+12 supernumerary ects)

L1 in 2 years

L1 year 1 (Tempo 1.1)

25% min. of L1 courses (30 ects)

UE1 - UE2 - UE3 aménagées


UE4 obligatoire

90h to 130h per week of reinforcement, tutoring and support


L1 year 2 (Tempo 1.2)

75% max. of L1 courses (30 ects)

A 3-year license, without support measuresA 3-year license, with special arrangements and with 12 ects validated in advance that can be used in L2 and L3*A 4-year license, to take time to think about your academic project and strengthen your skills
* See below L1+ pathway
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