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The Tempo pathway is an adapted study program for the first year of the Licence degree: it enables students to complete their Licence 1 in two years, in order to obtain the 180 ECTS required for the first year of the Licence 1 LLCER (classic pathway).
15 languages offer the Tempo pathway.

Who can benefit from a Tempo success path?

It is aimed in priority at students who have received a "Yes if"response on Parcoursup with the obligation to enroll in the Tempo pathway with the accommodation code AM20. You can also find this mention in the attestation of admission to the first year (Tempo 1.1), received after acceptance of the admission proposal to INALCO (75).

Registration for the Tempo course is open for the 15 languages that offer this course.

Please note! All compulsory courses in UE1, UE2, UE3 and UE4 (courses and workshops in the Tempo 1.1) must be validated to move on to the Tempo 1.2 year.

All compulsory courses in UE1, UE2 and UE3 (courses and workshops in the Tempo 1.2 pathway) must be validated to move on to Licence 2.


There are two types of registration: administrative registration (IA), which validates your enrolment at Inalco, and pedagogical registration (IP), which takes place at the start of the academic year and enables you to register the courses you have taken, whether compulsory or chosen.

Once you have done your administrative registration (IA), please proceed to your pedagogical registration (IP) online. (See "Guide IP WEB_étapes à suivre" down below). 

For questions relating to pedagogical registration for UE1 and UE4 in the Tempo course, contact
For questions relating to pedagogical registration for UE2 and UE3 in the Tempo course, contact your pedagogical manager for the language studied.

How do I know if I'm enrolled in the right course?

Once you've registered for the course, refer to your study contract (or pedagogical contract) on which you'll find the following information: "Version" and "Tempo".

If the version number that appears is 201 and the course name "Parcours Tempo" is displayed, you are indeed enrolled in the Tempo course. (See image below).

Contrat pédagogique parcours Tempo
Contrat pédagogique parcours Tempo © REVE‎

Special features of the Tempo course

Students enrolled in Tempo, who have Introductory courses in the specific language studied, benefit from an accommodation path, in common with the Licence+ path: Module de personnalisation du parcours, Module de Formation, Module de soutien personnalisé.

The Tempo pathway comprises two years, named Tempo 1.1 (first year Tempo) and Tempo 1.2 (second year Tempo).



Civilization courses (including methodology TD common to all students)


Regional courses

Credit breakdown

TEMPO pathway: 1re year: L1.1

Sem 1.1 Sem 2.1    


Teaching Initiation language and/or French reinforcement

4 4




25% minimum of L1 courses


90h to 130h / semester of reinforcement, support and tutoring (corresponding to 20h to 30h of personal work per week)



Reinforcement : Specific teaching (Outils internship, French, English, tutoring, workshops)

5 5    
TOTAL ECTS 15 Ects 15 Ects

30 Ects / year


Tempo course presentation

The first year of the Tempo pathway (L1.1)

To familiarize students with university studies and consolidate their study plans, they are supported by two advisors: a Tempo language advisor and a Tempo study advisor.

The first year of Licence 1 (Tempo course) is divided into two semesters.

The Tempo 1.1 (first year Tempo) comprises four Teaching Units (UE) in each semester:

The UE1 Language comprises two language courses, depending on the student's profile, determined in agreement with the Tempo language referent:

  1. An introduction to the language in which the student has enrolled and a French reinforcement course,


  1. For students who already speak their chosen language: two French reinforcement courses.

EU2 Enseignements de civilisation includes a course in applied methodology.

EU3 Enseignements régionaux brings together civilization courses from the first year of Licence 1.

Is UE4 L1PLUS (in common with the "Licence+" specialization) itself made up of three modules:

Customization module - L1PA01 / L1PB01 (Sem1/Sem2) :

It includes student project supervision, skills assessment, workshop follow-up and L2 or Master's orientation. This module is managed by a referent.

Training module - L1PA04 / L1PB04 (Sem1/Sem2) :

It includes an early-semester internship named "Outils" (or "Stage Outils") and a workshop named "Anatomie d'une Langue et d'une culture" which is compulsory and to be validated at the end of each semester. It should be noted that the "Outils" internship takes place during the pre-entry week and is then integrated, in semester 2, into the "Anatomie d'une Langue et d'une culture 2" workshop.

Customized support module - L1PA05 / L1PB05 (Sem1/Sem2) :

The support module elements offered are as follows: 
- French
- Grammar Investigation in French
- English
- Methodology Support
- Cultural Workshops (including two to choose from this year, the Theatre cultural workshop and the Plurilingual Writing workshop)
- Tutoring (mandatory)

Important information to remember:

Students must attend tutoring and must validate at least one of the six elements mentioned above.

Registration for language and/or civilization tutorials is made with the language and/or civilization teachers in the student's home department.

Registration for English, French or French Investigation grammar courses is conditional on the student's results in the English and French placement tests, organized at the start of the academic year, and then, carried out by the Student Success department.

The three remaining courses offered in this module, in addition to tutoring, are chosen according to the student's specific needs and in agreement with his/her advisor. The student will be able to register for a maximum of one or two elements per semester.

The second year of the Tempo pathway (L1.2)

The Tempo 1.2 curriculum (the second Tempo year) comprises three Teaching Units (TUs) each semester:

TU1 Language brings together all courses in the chosen language, in common with the LLCER Licence 1 pathway (Classic Pathway).

EU2 Civilization includes one or two civilization courses in the language studied.

EU3 Regional Studies includes one or two in-depth courses (literature, cinema, etc.) in the language studied.

The bulk of courses common to the LLCER Licence 1 pathway will have been validated by the student in Tempo 1.1, to enable him/her to concentrate on his/her study project in Tempo 1.2

On completion of the validation of his/her Tempo 1.2 year, the student may enroll in Licence 2.

Languages for which the system is proposed in 2024-2025
Anatomy of a language and culture
Cultural workshops

Welcome meeting

Wednesday, September 11, 2024

More info to come. 

What is Tempo?

Do you want to know:

the program for this course,
the support scheme with your referent,
the internships and workshops,
the tutoring follow-up arrangements?

To get the full picture, this video explains it all!

How to get your Tempo year off to a good start?

All the information about:

-how to start your Tempo school year,
brochures by language,
administrative registrations,
digital account, Moodle, ENT,
pedagogical registrations, French and English tests, and pedagogical contract

All these topics, in the video that follows!

Tempo, what's next?

After your Tempo 1.1 year and your Tempo 1.2 year (two-year course), how do you move on to the next year?

the knowledge control procedures
the validation procedures,
How to be eligible for Licence 2?

Are you asking yourself these questions? This video is for you!

Useful documents

Brochure Parcours Tempo_2425 (1.11 MB, .pdf)

Parcours Tempo 1.1_guide_IP WEB_étapes à suivre (639.59 KB, .pdf)

Languages offering Tempo

Brochure TEMPO Armenien 24-25.pdf (1.02 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Chinois 24-25.pdf (1.01 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Grec moderne 24-25.pdf (990.42 KB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Hindi 24-25.pdf (1011.49 KB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Indo-malais 24-25.pdf (986.39 KB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Khmer 24-25.pdf (1.04 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Ourdou 24-25.pdf (1011.25 KB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Persan 24-25.pdf (1.02 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Polonais 24-25.pdf (1.01 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Siamois 24-25.pdf (1.01 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Tamoul 24-25.pdf (968.65 KB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Tibétain 24-25.pdf (1.21 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Turc 24-25.pdf (1.04 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Vietnamien 24-25.pdf (1.01 MB, .pdf)

Brochure TEMPO Wolof 24-25.pdf (1.01 MB, .pdf)

Cultural workshops - Related documents

Parcours L1+ et Tempo - Atelier Théâtre - Présentation (244.6 KB, .pdf)

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