International relations

Created in 1986 by the Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, the International Relations program trains specialists in international relations with in-depth knowledge of a non-Western area and a command of one or more Oriental languages.
La carte de Fra Mauro (1459)
La carte de Fra Mauro (1459) © Wikimedia Commons‎

The bachelor's and master's degree courses combine the study of contemporary political and international issues, through a solid multidisciplinary social science curriculum (political science, history, public law, economics), with knowledge of a political and cultural area and proficiency in one or more Eastern languages.

The professional and specialized courses focus on specific practices and/or objects (humanitarian negotiations, foreign policies) approached from a comparative and contextualized perspective.

  • Master International Relations (three tracks: Préparation aux concours de la diplomatie et des armées ; Cultures stratégiques ; Solidarité internationale - selection by application and interview, limited to 25 students)
  • Licence LLCER parcours Relations internationales, from L2 (multidisciplinary training in political science, law, economics, history of IR - selection by application, enrolment limited to 100 students)
  • Parcours transversal Enjeux mondiaux (thematic introduction to global political and economic issues - open to L2 and L3 LLCER students)
  • Foundations et pratiques de la diplomatie summer school (Inalco-ÉNAP), to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals and practices of diplomacy, in bilateral and multilateral contexts, and gain experience in writing diplomatic notes

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Department administration

Director: Sébastien COLIN
Deputy director: Damien SIMONNEAU
Director of studies: Jenna MARTIN