UE 4 of the LLCER master's course includes the opening and methodological teaching(s) proposed in the UE3 brochures and/or chosen with the referent teacher.

Methodology and Tools

Alongside the opening courses, courses designed to support the student are compulsory for all Master's students. These are:


During the first semester of M1, students must take a methodology course corresponding to their career path and the orientation (pro or research) of their Master's degree. 5 courses of 2 ects each are offered to match all profiles:

- META441a - Dissertation writing assistance - all disciplines - research orientation (B. Rasoloniaina)
- META441b - Dissertation writing assistance - literature (ARL, ORA and TLT pathways) - research orientation (M. Stachowitsch)
- META441c - Dissertation assistance - humanities and social sciences (ANT and HSS pathways) - research-oriented (B. Arrivé and E. Miljkovic)
- META441d - Help with dissertation writing - linguistics (TLT pathway; shared with Master SDL) - research-oriented (H. de Penanros)
- META442a - Help with professional project development (all pathways) - professional-oriented (C. Mathieu)


In the second semester of M1, all students must imperatively take three courses:

- INAL0001 - Musée du quai Branly seminar (05.03 and 06.03 2020)
- INAL0002 - training and awareness module on the issue of plagiarism organized by Bulac (January 2020)
- INAL0003 - teaching on digital skills (February/March 2020)

Attendance is compulsory: UE4 cannot be validated if the student does not attend these three training courses.

Participation in the work of the research team

In research-oriented Master 2, students have the opportunity to participate in the work of the research team. Attendance is compulsory, and participation earns 2 ects.

The terms of participation in the work of the research team are determined by the dissertation director, and consist of taking part in the scientific activities of the laboratory to which it is attached: scientific seminars, study days, colloquia, research projects (participation, note-taking, reporting, writing programs, translations, proofreading articles, etc.



The seminars to be taken as openings in UE4 may:

  1. be defined as part of the course, particularly in M1 second semester for HSS.
  2. or be chosen by the student in coherence with his/her course and in consultation with his/her dissertation/internship director.

When the student chooses his or her opening courses:

Openings can be chosen in particular from master's courses in UE2 (departmental brochures), UE3 (disciplinary pathway brochures) or at an outside institution. Please note: some brochures specifically recommend courses as part of the opening.

The following courses/seminars are also offered to all students concerned as part of UE4:

  • Advanced English (taught at Paris III, limited capacity) - M1 first and second semesters
  • ANGA410a/ANGB410a English for the Humanities (V. Khurshudyan) - M1 first and second semesters
  • METB440A Didactique des langues sur support numérique (O. Racine) - M1 second semester (recommended for students intending to teach)

Important reminders:

  1. Students must ensure the timetable compatibility of the chosen opening courses with the compulsory courses of the student's master's degree before making their pedagogical registration.
  2. Many departments offer civilization brochures
  3. at Master's level, which can help students choose their opening: Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Eurasia, Europe

  4. It is possible to take an additional opening element
  5. in UE4 to best complete one's course and expand one's knowledge. However, the total number of credits allocated to so-called "free" courses will remain 4 ects for the semester.