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30 May 2024
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EUniWell and the University of Florence's Teaching and Learning Centre welcome you to the Soft Skills Training Course - 8 online courses to enhance your career. This asynchronous offer allows you learn at your own pace and timing, making it easy to fit professional development into your schedule.
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According to the World Economic Forum (2023), the last few years have been shaped by a challenging combination of health, economic and geopolitical volatility combined with growing social and environmental pressures. These accelerating transformations have and continue to reconfigure the world’s labour markets and shape the demand for jobs and skills of tomorrow.

In response to this challenge-focused and impact-orientated transformation of research, EUniWell and the Teaching and Learning Centre of the University of Florence are dedicated to equipping the EUniWell community with new skill sets and opening diverse career pathways, which extend beyond the publication and citation track records of contemporary research careers.

The objective of the Soft Skills Training Course is to underscore the significance of soft skills in today's dynamic work environment. It aims to explore strategies for enhancing these skills among MA students, PhDs, Researchers, Professors, and administrative staff of EUniWell member institutions. By participating in this course, individuals will develop the ability to:

  • Make decisions with agility and common sense
  • Cultivate a problem-solving orientation
  • Foster optimal interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Demonstrate a predisposition to work in a team and cooperate effectively
  • Motivate others and exhibit leadership capabilities
  • Approach challenges with creativity to find innovative solutions

The Soft Skills Training Course is structured in 8 Modules as follows

  • M1: The Importance of Soft Skills for Professional Development in Academia – Prof. Giovanna Del Gobbo
  • M2: Skills for Life in Higher Education Pathways – Prof. Paolo Federighi
  • M3: Transversal Competences by ESCO: a Focus on Self-Management – Ms. Claudia Plaimaeur
  • M4: Building Work Groups: Groups and Groups Work in Teaching and Learning – Prof. Daniela Frison
  • M5: Problem Solving – Prof. Glenda Galeotti
  • M6: Self-Regulation – Prof. Christian Tarchi
  • M7: Communication - Prof. QueAnh Dang and Prof. Megan Crawford
  • M8: Leadership - Prof. QueAnh Dang and Prof. Sheena Gardner

Each module is divided into learning units. Each learning unit is divided into the following parts: video lessons (1 video lesson of a maximum of 15-20 minutes), self-learning activities (self-assessment questionnaire), and in-depth material.

Main objectives

  • Underscore the significance of soft skills in today's dynamic work environment. 
  • Explore strategies for enhancing these skills among participants. 
  • Develop the ability to make decisions with agility and common sense, cultivate a problem-solving orientation, and foster optimal interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills.


Date: Open for enrollment from 28 May 2024. The courses will be available until September 2024. 
Time: This is an asynchronous offer available on Google Classroom.
Location: Online

Registration process:

To enroll, your email address must be linked to a Google account.

The link for accessing Google Classroom is:
Once on the website, go to sign up for the course (as a student) and insert the following code: 2azjsgp

Out of the eight modules planned for the course, the first six are already up and ready to join. The remaining two will be released at the beginning of June, together with the final course satisfaction survey. 


For more information, please contact: Niccoló Del Buono at niccolo.delbuono[at]

Further information

This offer is open to all universities within the EUniWell Alliance. The event is organised in the framework of the EUniWell Research Training Academy, as part of EUniWell’s #Research project. 

The EUniWell #Research project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.