Sorabe (Upper and Lower)

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Sorbian courses offer an introduction to two languages: Upper Sorbian, spoken in Upper Lusatia, i.e. in the Land of Saxony, and Lower Sorbian, spoken in Lower Lusatia, i.e. in the Land of Brandenburg (FRG). Apart from the Lusatians (and Leipzig), France, along with Inalco, is the only place in Western Europe where Sorbian is taught.

This teaching is aimed primarily at Bohemian speakers, Slovak speakers and Polish speakers. For the latter, teaching Sorbian represents both a small extra workload, given the close kinship with Western Slavic languages, and a definite enrichment in the linguistic, historical and literary fields. It is also likely to be of interest to Slovene speakers and Serbo-Croatians, given the specific characteristics of Sorbian. Sorbian is an ideal springboard for learning any other Slavic language, as it is the Slavic language closest to Old Slavonic. Germanists studying at other universities, who may be attracted by the study of a culture that has lived for 1600 years in symbiosis with German culture, have the option of enrolling in the Languages O' minor or passport.

An introductory course of a decycled cross-disciplinary nature, Sorbian is divided into 2 CE, each giving the right to 3 ECTS.

Training courses

Sorbian courses can be taken as an option in UE3 and 4 of all our bachelor's degrees, as well as in Passport and minor. The Sorbian civilization course can also be integrated into the Medieval Europe civilization diploma.

Course description

Sorabe 2023-2024 (369.32 KB, .pdf)