Scope of vocational and life long training

Find all the practical information you need about initial and life long training.

"Lifelong learning" (FTLV) is organized on the following principle: everyone undergoes initial training during their youth (school status for pupils, then university status for students), then continuing training when a person enters working life.

Differences between initial and life long training

Initial trainingLife long education

Student/student card

National diploma or DE



BULAC borrower

National LMD rates, specific DE rates

Courses in lecture halls or TD groups

Registration via Parcoursup



Schedules : evenings or Saturdays

Tests/attestations at the end of the course with the possibility of certification

BULAC borrowing reader +35 €

Fees voted

Small groupes

Direct regitration 

Possibility to be help financially by the employer

Special case for people returning to school

Professional training players

Acteurs de la formation professionnelle (208.53 KB, .pdf)

Les acteurs de la formation et de l'orientation (107.11 KB, .pdf)