Returning to studies

All employees, jobseekers and those wishing to resume their studies can enroll through continuing education in any of the courses offered by Inalco (national or institutional diplomas, including 5 professional courses) in over a hundred Oriental languages and civilizations. Accessible to anyone who meets the criteria defined below.

What diplomas are available?

More than a hundred languages and civilizations are available, as well as five professional courses leading to a national or school diploma.

Reprise études formations et diplômes (99.8 KB, .pdf)

Reprise études formations et diplômes via FC - mai 2022

Who should attend?

Degree courses are aimed at employees and jobseekers wishing to undertake studies in any of the languages taught at the Institute, or to perfect previously acquired knowledge, by obtaining one of the diplomas awarded by the Institute (establishment diplomas and national diplomas).The regulatory texts designate the audiences below as falling within the scope of Continuing Education

  • any employee, self-employed person whose training costs are covered by a public or private organization (in full or in part) or by their CPF
  • any employee or civil servant, benefiting fromtraining leave (for which attestations and attendance monitoring will be required)
  • any jobseeker, or RSA beneficiary, with total or partial maintenance of their remuneration or compensation, whether or not training costs are covered by Pôle Emploi (or region).

Caution: be vigilant, especially if you're a jobseeker or RSA beneficiary. Check with your Pôle Emploi advisor to be sure of the registration system to which you belong. Incorrect registration can cause administrative difficulties.

For any questions, contact the continuing education department:

Please note that to be admitted to prepare for the first cycle of these courses, it is obligatory to hold the French baccalaureate or equivalent.
Trainees who do not hold the baccalaureate can find out about the validation of professional experience (VAP) procedure.

The academic year starts at the beginning of September. Applications must be submitted by June at the latest.
Please note that in the case of selective training, the timetable and application procedures are those indicated
on the pages of the diploma in question.
Do not hesitate to contact us throughout the year.

What are the formalities?

Registration as a returning student (with or without coverage of training costs) will be handled by the continuing education department.
An agreement and training contract will be drawn up (as well as an estimate if necessary). Administrative follow-up will be handled by the continuing education department.