Inalco takes part in the Paris Poetic Games

4 June 2024
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From June to September 2024, Inalco will be taking part in the Paris Poetic Games, a joint initiative with the Cultural Olympiad of the Paris University Club (PUC) and Théâtre de la Ville, which will bring poetry to the capital.
visuel Jeux poétiques de Paris avec une bouche en coeur en illustration
Jeux poétiques de Paris © Ville de Paris‎
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The Poetic Games offered an international call for entries of sports-related poetic slogans. Among the candidates, some proposed poems in their native languages, languages that are taught at Inalco.

As part of this project, Inalco will host and promote 9 winning poems from the foreign-language writing competition: Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese, Maoré, Malagasy and Greek.

Until September, we invite you to discover the selection of poetic slogans on sport and the body displayed on the 2nd floor windows of Inalco's Pôle des langues et civilisations (Paris 13e).

We congratulate the authors of the poems:

  • Ukrainian: Halyna Zelena
  • Chinese: Ming Chi
  • Malagasy: Gabriel Randrianandra
  • Russian: Victoriia Shaibakova
  • Croatian: Lucija Štimac
  • Moorish: Shaina Moindjie
  • Arabic: Meryem Lahlou
  • Greek: Magdalini Topalidou
  • Romanian: Laura-Cristina Santa

We would like to thank the teachers who offered proofreading and correction of the translations: Iryna Dmytrychyn, Li Jinjia, Louise Ouvrard, Rémi Camus, Natasa Cilar, Nousbati Bouchouroine, Aboubakr Chraïbi, Stéphane Sawas, Cécile Folschweiller and her students.

Slogans poétiques et traductions (261.42 KB, .pdf)