For a year now, the Student Success and Life Department has been running a mentoring program. The aim of this program is to support students throughout their university career, by setting up stands and offices staffed by student mentors. They are present at several key times of the year: at the start of the academic year, to answer questions about university life at Inalco, and also during exam periods, to help students unwind by distributing snacks and drinks.
Mentorat relax exams Mentorat de rentrée
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Who are the mentors?

Mentors are students who know Inalco well and whose job it is to welcome new students. They can help you get started, organize your work and introduce you to the school, the campus, events, student life, etc.


Why go see them?

You can meet the mentors at the start of the academic year if you have any questions about the start of the academic year (using ENT and Moodle, enrolling in courses, the pace of university life, timetables, Izly card, access to BULAC, computer rooms or the media library...) or about how Inalco works. You can also simply chat with them and ask for their advice. It's a great opportunity to meet other students at the start of the year, so make the most of it!

Mentors are also present during exam periods in the 2nd floor Hall as part of the Relax'Exams scheme. They distribute snacks and hot drinks to students. Don't hesitate to visit them and talk to them, they'll be happy to listen to you!

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