History of the institutionalization of Tâi-gí (台語) and challenges for its revitalization

Seminar on the Taiwanese language organized by the Textes, Informatique, Multilinguisme - ERTIM research team (Inalco).
Ancien texte imprimé en sinogrammes
Extrait du « chant de la grande guerre entre mouches et moustiques » 戶蠅蠓仔大戰歌,歌仔冊 © Domaine public / photo : Liz Lim‎
Liz Lim
Liz Lim (LÎM KA-Î 林佳怡) © DR‎

Liz Lim (LÎM KA-Î 林佳怡)

Researcher at the National Academy of Educational Research in Taiwan.

The history of Taiwanese has been written through different language policies and interactions between languages. This seminar will examine the process of institutionalizing the writing of Taiwanese, beginning with a study of the development and standardization of different systems: Taiwanese characters, the Latin alphabet and a hybrid approach. The controversies and challenges involved in naming the Taiwanese language will also be addressed. The discussion will then turn to the specific challenges posed by the creation of Taiwanese-language corpora, in comparison with Mandarin corpora. By showing the difficulty of the task of compiling a Taiwanese corpus, the efforts needed to protect and revitalize this rich linguistic heritage will be highlighted.

Organizer / discussant:

Pierre Magistry