Registration for initial training (except PhD)

If you would like further details or general information on the admission and registration processes for initial training at Inalco:

Continuing education

For information on evening/Saturday courses/intensive courses for employees and professional training:

ThematicServicesTelephone or email address
School, student lifeSocial worker for
Diploma (admission and registration procedures)
Pedagogical secretariat of the International Trade course of
Pedagogical secretariat of the Intercultural Communication and Training course
Pedagogical secretariat of the Language Didactics course
Pedagogical secretariat for the International Relations
Pedagogical secretariat for the Language Sciences
Pedagogical secretariat for the Automatic Language Processing
Pedagogical secretariat of the Africa and Indian Ocean
Pedagogical secretariat of the South Asia Himalayas
Pedagogical secretariat of the Southeast Asia and the Pacific
Pedagogical secretariat of the Arabic Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the Chinese Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the of the Korean Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the Hebraic and Jewish Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the Japanese Studies Department Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the Russian Studies
Pedagogical secretariat of the Eurasia Studies
 Pedagogical secretariat of the Europe of the Europe
 Pedagogical secretariat of the Americas
 Masters LLCER and DLC 4
ReceptionStandard, reception, practical information, mail, course cancellations, transfer of calls to the appropriate departments, various deliveries01 81 70 10 00
Legal affairsElections to the board of directors and departments (colleges, term of office, duties of elected representatives), questions relating to the board of directors (deliberations, different board formations, competences), legal advice, appeals and litigation, disciplinary
ArchivesManagement of heritage holdings (donations, access to archives)
Management control unitManagement control, statistics, social balance sheets, student
CommunicationInstitutional social networks, website, relations presse,
Budget and Public Procurement DepartmentSettlement of invoices, request for quotes, filing invoices in
Directorate General of ServicesSecretariat of the
Development of partnerships and valorizationSupport for research and institutional
Events and cultural actionCultural partnerships, events, cultural
Inalco FoundationFoundation administration and office,
Continuing educationEvening and Saturday courses, intensive courses, VAE, certifications, university diplomas, customized training, employee training and vocational
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Information, career guidance and integrationInformation on the range of initial training courses, career guidance, corporate
Internships, work-study
Licence PlusLicence Plus programs (L1 +, Tempo, Cap Emploi, Objectif Master, Cordées de la réussite),
Fight against discrimination/harassmentGender equality
Racism and anti-Semitism
Presidency Presidency
Presses de l'InalcoAny
Research and doctoral
Research laboratoriesVoir site internet (Recherche > Unités de recherche)
Doctoral students' pedagogical
International relations
Incoming mobility (degree program)
Incoming mobility outside Erasmus+
Outgoing mobility outgoing
Erasmus+ mobility (incoming and outgoing)
Responsible for the DU Passerelle
Pedagogical secretary of the DU Passerelle
Pedagogical secretary of the FLE
Inalco network AlumniInalco alumni
Human resourcesTeacher
Exam management
Recruitment of administrative
Student successSecretariat (and pedagogical secretariat) for L1 + courses, Tempo, Cap Emploi. Secretariat (and pedagogical secretariat) of
Revue Itinéraires(s)Itinéraire(s) editorial
Technical and/or administrative service of the buildingsPôle des langues et civilisations (Grands Moulins 13e) technical
Maison de la recherche (rue de Lille 7e) technical and administrative