Langues O' Passport

There is no auditor status at Inalco, but the Langues O' Passport allows you to take an à la carte course, chosen from Inalco's range of language or civilization courses, up to 8 courses a year.

Langues O' Passport 

  • allows you to follow, validate and capitalize* on language and/or civilization courses outside of any diploma enrolment (85 languages and diplomas).
    *Please note, the capitalization of validated courses (possibility of using them later as part of a diploma course at Inalco) is only possible for people holding the baccalauréat or an equivalent diploma.
  • is valid for one academic year
  • gives access to the library and language laboratories
  • does not give entitlement to student status
  • does not give entitlement to social security cover or to the issue of a residence permit

No diploma condition is required to enroll and follow courses accessible in Passport. However, the Passport is not open to students enrolled in secondary school.

Registering for the Langues O' Passport  means setting up a program based on your personal project, with no obligation to follow the diploma models. The passport allows you to enroll simultaneously in civilization courses covering a variety of geographical areas, or in training courses covering several languages; it also allows you to do only language, or only civilization in a given area (see the list of departments and sections).

Langues O' Passport  is valid for one year only. Holders of a passport that expires at the end of the academic year may take out a new passport the following year.


Holding a Langues O' passport enables its holder to validate the courses taken, if he or she so wishes. As the Langues O' Passport does not lead to a degree, it is not eligible for the special study scheme, and no semester or annual compensation applies. Courses and ECTS validated at the end of the year are definitively validated at Inalco.

Formulas of Langues O' Passport 

The Passeport Langues O' is available in 2 formulas:

  • Langues O' Passport 
  • Distance Inuktitut Passport
Langues O' Passport
Remote Inuktitut Passport
Courses not eligible for the Langues O' Passport