Hanmun Workshop AKS-Inalco 2024

Cycle de séminaires organisé par Kim Daeyeol (Ifrae) de lecture de hanmun.
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June 18th 2024 :

“Interpreting Confucian canons in the fluid world - Newly discovered text of Ch’ oe Hanki entitled the Penetration of Canon 通經”

(English language) / Wonsuk CHANG

Wonsuk CHANG is a Senior Researcher at the Jangseogak Archives of the Academy of Korean Studies. He has earned his Ph.D.in philosophy degree at the University of Hawai’ i at Manoa. His research interests include East Asian philosophical tradition, East-West comparative philosophy, Translation of East Asian classics into western language about which he has delivered lectures at the Yonsei University, Korea University, University of Vienna, and Stockholm University and so on. His publication includes Confucianism in Context: The Classic philosophy and Contemporary Issues, East Asia and Beyond (SUNY Press:2010)”

June 19th 2024 :

“Reciprocity and Cooperation in the villages of Joseon era and New Village Movement” 

(Korean language) / Suhwan JUNG

Suhwan JUNG is a principal Researcher at the Jangseogak Archives of the Academy of Korean Studies and responsible for historical documents division. He earned his Ph.D. at the Academy of Korean Studies. His book entitled Korean rural Development and international Development is to inquire into daily life of the village people in the Joseon era and discuss its continuation with new village movement in the contemporary Korea. Recently his research focused on the value of reciprocity and cooperation in the community pact shown in the historical documents.

June 20th 2024 :

“What was the international business trip of Korea like in the 100 years ago?” 

(Korean language) / Hyejung LEE

LEE Hyejung earned Ph.D. at the academy of Korean Studies and is a researcher at the Jangseogak of the Academy of Korean Studies. Her research interests includes cultural interaction through books, history of books, and the formation of book collection. Her publication s include Temporary Palace in Bukhansan Fortress and Enshrinement of Genealogical Documents of the King and Queen’s Relatives in the Late Joseon Dynasty, The Status and Characteristics of the Book Collection of the Jaeryeong Yi Clan (Mahodang).


The Jangeseogak Archives

The Jangseogak Archives, originally the royal library dating back to Joseon era (1392-1910), is now a bibliotheca holding a wide range of traditional books and documents for Korean Studies along with a stateof-the art archives repository that includes digitalization and conservation facilities. To stimulate research at its Archives and the use of materials, the Jangseogak organize and runs various relevant education programs, academic conferences, and exhibitions. Since 2017, Jangseogak has held the classical Chinese (Hanmun) workshop, providing both international experts and students with opportunities to study classical Chinese.


Cycle de séminaires organisé par Ifrae et l'AKS - The Academy of Korean Studies.

Le cycle de séminaires se tiendra en langue coréenne.